Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Premiere Party Animals- San Francisco

The report back from the party our pugs, Betsy and Ian, had at their interviewer's house in San Francisco? "Best thing I've seen in years."

But of course, "Betsy and Ian were the funniest." Check out the pics!

Betsy and friends watch the show.

Ian gets on the floor to commune with his character.

Kids get in on the fun.


Dhimant said...

Hey Ian
This is the first time I have seen you!!! Nice to see you!
I animated you and Betsy at aardman and I should tell you I loved animating your conversations. Was real fun!
Hope it came out good,
Like to see photo of you both I can not guess Betsy in the group photo!
Dhimant Vyas
Animator of characters Pug Dogs / Python / Lab Monkey

Anonymous said...

"PO-TA-TO, boil them, peel them, put them in the stew." We have gotten hours of laughs out that.