Monday, February 05, 2007

False Alarm!

As Teresa pointed out, our commercial was not aired during yesterday's Super Bowl. Quick, enjoy it here while the football season is still fresh enough to make it relevant:

Pigs in Portland

There we were: my family, the Bears, the Colts, the massive table of Superbowl snacks...

It was raining cats and dogs in Florida, but in Portland, Oregon it was a bright and sunny day. Sunshine in February is a fairly rare event in my neck of the world. When it happens, people tend to tentatively wander outside, dazed and blinking, confused about what to wear, not sure how to do yardwork without the rain.

But no matter! Forget the silly, silly sunshine. We had pigs and pigskin to watch! And there was plenty to watch. There was the game, there were the commercials and, of course, the CBS promos! When would they show the pigs? Everybody wanted to see the pigs. I animated one of the pig promos, so we were all on the edges of our seats, tag teaming and timing our trips "elsewhere" so we wouldn't miss them. And it was a great game. There were some great ads, and we saw lots of promos for CBS shows. But no pigs! No pigs televised for the Portland area, anyway. Awwww...... Oh well. You'll just have to take our word for it. It was pretty darned funny. Now, back to that massive table of Superbowl snacks...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

First and Ten

We're not sure exactly when, but we hear that Creature Comforts will be advertised during tomorrow's football festivities. Hopefully, this will be the first step towards CCUSA showing up weekly on your TV sets! Below we've posted some still frames of the characters featured in the ad, and the original audio that their dialogue came from. It's always fun to see the animated end result and then work backwards to figure out the interview's original context.

Click for audio

Enjoy the food, fun, and (of course) the commercials tomorrow, and please, come back on Monday when we can hopefully post the full-length version of the ad here.