Tuesday, June 05, 2007

CCUSA Premiere Party Animals

For most of us on the Creature Comforts crew, the best part of last night's premiere (after seeing our very fast-moving credit, of course) was wondering what the characters thought of it all. Thanks to a number of our interviewers and interviewees, we don't have to wonder for long! We've got pictures and quotes from the creatures themselves, which I'll be posting as they come in. First up? Our married bees, from New York.

Shock! Excitement! (And there's the Bees' daughter and interviewer, Lu, recording it all as always).

Lu told us: "I'm happy to report my parents really loved seeing themselves. They invited my sister, brother-in-law, his mom, my aunt and a dear friend of the family to watch the premiere."


Lu continued, "My mother swore she would tell NO ONE about the show in case she didn’t like what character she became."


"I think the highlight was when my mother laughed so hard she seemed to stop breathing," says Lu.

Stay tuned for more CCUSA character reactions!


Anonymous said...

I have been laughing out loud everytime I've thought of the two little bees, for over 24 hours now. The show is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I second that comment, this show is absolutely Brilliant. Friggin' HILARIOUS!!!!! I want to watch it every day!!!!

Debbie Belmonte said...

We were all not told what animals my parents would be. The anticipation leading up to the program was great. My sister Lu(the interviewer) kept the suspense building. There was such excitement and a buzz in our house as the program began.

The animal selection was amazing and very appropriate. Watching my parents on tv as bumble bees was great ! My Dad you see is actually a photographer that loves to photograph flowers and bees!!! We can't wait to see next week to see what other words of wisdom come to CBS from The Olkowski Bees !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Test 2

Anonymous said...

Loved the show!!! Bob and Kathy are great as bees!!! Loved the "Nudity".

Eddie and Carolyn

Mark said...

the show is my new favorite. The bees crack me up. the "whatever you say" couldn't have been delivered more brilliantly. The show stopped me in my tracks and made me stop and call everyone I know. Thank you for bringing something great to my day. I Love You Bees! Can't wait till next week!