Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Premiere Party Animals- Pearl

Gosh that's alliterative. Here are some more pics from last night's country-spanning festivities, this time from our mother and daughter pig pair (with so many p's, why stop now?), Nell and Celia.

Nell, Celia, and their interviewer, Larry, who they gifted with a pig figurine.

Larry said of the viewing party, "I wish I had been recording the proceedings - arguments about the TV volume, neighbors over who kept taking cell phone calls throughout the show, the house phone ringing and Nell forbidding James (her husband) from answering it."

Nell and Celia reenact one of their commercials.

Celia told us, "It was great!!! We taped it and re-watched it like 3 times. Larry and his family came over and some friends of Mama's 'unexpectedly' dropped by. Yeah, right. Can't wait for next week!"

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This is cool. I always wondered if the interviewees ever came to know.