Monday, October 16, 2006

How We Do

Hello all, I'm Megan. I'm the assistant to the executive producer and line producer of our fine show. Mainly, that means answering phones and ducking hot cups of coffee being hurled in my direction (hence the defensive under-desk stance seen below).

Ha! That's just a stereotype. It's not really like that at all(call the police), honestly (help me!). My main responsibility here has been recruiting, corresponding with and paying our team of 40 or so field interviewers. For those not familiar with the show, the best way I can explain it is as an animated docu-comedy. We take audio recordings of real people from all across America, assign them adorable clay animal alteregos, and finally put the clips into a logical and humorous order, based on topic. To gather all the audio necessary (and then some) we hired freelance interviewers from 26 states. Each interviewer selected 5 subjects (either an individual, a pair, or even trio in some cases) for a 30-minute "tryout" session. From those original tryouts, we selected a smaller number of people for them to go back to for 2 hour interviews. This is how, as Abe told you, we ended up with over 500 hours of audio from the American public. Listen below for an example:

Sample Audio from an Interview

Hopefully, as this blog develops, we can introduce you to some more of our interviewers' work, for us and in their regular lives. For now, just for kicks, any thoughts on what animal this fellow should be?

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Anonymous said...

A bat, of course!