Friday, October 20, 2006

Flushed Hollywood

As Megan just mentioned, Nick Park and Peter Lord visited our office yesterday (which was amazing) and lucky for me they had two extra tickets to the crew screening of "Flushed Away" at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Even though I've been living in Hollywood for a year now I haven't been to that landmark yet and it lived up to expectations. I had mixed feelings about the movie going in because of the fact that it is the first major production from Aardman done with CGI. One of the things I've always loved about Aardman productions is the handmade feel of their visuals. After seeing the "Creature Comforts" animators at work on real sets in Bristol I was even more impressed with the love and care that goes into each frame of animation that they create. So even though I'm a bit biased against the sterile nature of computer animation, I still enjoyed "Flushed Away". The visuals of the sewers beneath London are really impressive and detailed. I also got to go to the party afterwards which was really nice and included a lovely toilet setup for pictures like this one of yours truly:

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audreydrew said...

Is there any way I could obtain a poster- sized reproduction of this guy in the toilet???? He is way cool.