Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Voices Behind the Creatures

As we head towards the show airing, our publicist wants contact info for the people who were interviewed and animated. It is my very lucky job to call these people and make sure that's all right. Now don't get me wrong...normally a phone project sucks, but these are people I have grown to love over the last months. I know way more about them than I should, and I have seen them as clay animals. In some cases, the people don't know they're going to be on the show, and so my call is a bright spot in their day. In all cases, they don't know what creature they've been animated as, so I get to hear them guess, or talk about what they absolutely don't want to be. It's like being reunited with a long-lost friend. A long-lost friend who doesn't know a thing about you and about whom you know many secrets. Yeah.

Because I couldn't stop gushing about what a blast this has been, some other people have volunteered to call a few of their favorite characters. Stay tuned for video of some calls (like perhaps Abe calling our New York bees?).

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