Friday, December 01, 2006

Bristol calling Houston?

Hi! It’s taken me a while to start contributing to the blog but my name is Ellen and I’m the UK-based production coordinator working in the Bristol (UK) production office. Things are pretty hectic here at the moment with just over a month left of the shoot and over 80 full time crew to look after. We’re still getting lots of new characters and setups which means keeping a careful eye that floor crew, art department and office files are kept up to date with signed off designs for any given character – we’re currently topping 700 separate designs submitted by both UK & US character designers. We’re all pretty excited about being on the show – although we’ve already seen Creature Comforts go out in the UK and be a big success this will be the first time it goes out in the US so we’re hoping you’re all going to love it! Keep looking out for little tasters on the net… more to follow soon x

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