Thursday, October 12, 2006

Live, From Culver City

Welcome to Eyeballs and Fishlips, the first and only marginally secret unofficial blog about an animated television production imported from Bristol, England. Here we will reminisce about the ups and downs of production, with audio visual aids when appropriate. Like, right now!

Pictured above are your fearless editors, Megan and Abe. Abe and Megan, should you see fit, though the pictures would make less sense. Tune in shortly for proper introductions and explanations for their existence. Until then...ummm...this is where it would really help to have a parting catchphrase. Now we understand how Katie Couric feels.

1 comment:

audreydrew said...

When can I send this blog to every single Wallace and G fan that I know??? It is fabulous. It may not be as political as some of the blogs I read; however, it is considerably more fun. I love the photos and the overall quality. I would like to see poodles in any form possible, because Nelly, my poodle, feels a bit left out.